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Click me for the uncut version!

And here it is finally! My piece for the Fairy Tale Charity Art book that I was asked to be a contributing artist for. I love being part of such awesome things. Many thanks to Rhuni who has tirelessly and flawlessly been running this whole endeavour. 

The funding page for the book can be found here - click

I’m so proud of this! I will be posting a WIP/Process photoset in a sec here.

Hot damn Fleshy this is incredible!  asfdadsfdsag Wowowowow

Very nice atmosphere.

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Anonymous said: Why is every artist such a prude? jesus christ you guys draw fucking porn for a living and you have fucking standards? i can understand why you don't draw furries. but why something like futa? you love drawing girls and you have drawn big hunking muscly dudes with dicks before. why cant you just put a dick on a girl. why does every artist have to be an asshole?

Aww, poor little anon doesn’t get his favourite kink catered to by one specific artist. Clearly this artist is an asshole who doesn’t understand that he’s practically already drawing all the components of said kink and therefore should clearly have no problems drawing it, as opposed to the other weird kinks.

Or maybe the anon is just an idiot who doesn’t understand what subjective means.

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Commission for Radah at Hentai Foundry of her draenei gal with the same name.

Enjoying the view

Commission for Radah at Hentai Foundry of her draenei gal with the same name.

Photo 20 Jun 683 notes Happy Midsummer’s Eve, guys. Just a quick little thing to celebrate this important Swedish holiday.

Happy Midsummer’s Eve, guys. Just a quick little thing to celebrate this important Swedish holiday.

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EDIT! Due to the large amount of interest, i have decided i will draw furries. However I will only draw them if they have human/close to human faces.

Hi guys, here is my commission line up, I am just keeping it simple, colour sketch ONLY!

If you would like to commission me or have if you have any further questions please email me at: I will only be filling a few spots!

Here are the examples:


Throw your money at Nox, guys.

via Nox.
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Outdoor fun in summertime

Mishavi and Exia decided to have some fun and go swinging in the park. Exia brought her boyfriend Kuba with her for Mishavi to have a go at again, while Mishavi brought… a bunch of guys.

The party starts with Mishavi seriously going to town on Kuba, giving him the ride of his life. He can’t control himself for long before he shoots load after load deep inside the Mishavi’s pussy. Of course, the party’s only started and there’s a lot more for the castanic minx to squeeze out.

Meanwhile, Exia is getting her fair share of attention from a bunch of guys. Bent over with a big cock inside her and getting spanked, she does her best to show off her oral skills on the guy in front of her. Her stinging bum does nothing to hinder her enjoyment, rather it just intensifies the heat of the moment.

Commissioned by Kubus-Sc7

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⚙̥ꇴ⚙̥/ BOOBS

okay from top to bottom:




*collapses on floor*

Oh man oh man. Such awesome work, carbo!

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Anonymous said: What is the name of the cute redhead in the red sweater?


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Sup loser

Hey there, cockwrangler.


Sup loser

Hey there, cockwrangler.

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Hey everyone, I just know got my Patreon page up

If you have enjoyed my work over the years and want to see more, than I recommend you become my patron on Patreon.

If you are not familiar with patreon think of it as a pro-active and long term kickstarter. You can put down some money each month and you get rewards for how much money in total has been put behind me and for how much you specifically put down.

Go check it out :D

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