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Anonymous asked: That was a pretty ignorant comment. I've lost a lot of respect for you because of it. I thought you were better than that.

Oh no. A random anonymous person on the internet lost a lot of respect for me because I made a half-joking comment about how stupid (and uncivilized) it is to make the excuse “You don’t have to worry about cleaning your dick if you’re circumcised.” How will I ever cope with this loss?

And sure, it is true that part of the comment was making a statement about the US and calling it uncivilized. And that’s probably what made some people take offense. I’m not saying all Americans are uncivilized as a whole. This was specifically about the barbaric practice of circumcision and people who defend it for such a stupid reason are uncivilized.

And to be fair, I also don’t think the US is as civilized as a lot of Americans seem to think they are. But that’s a whole other topic.

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Anonymous asked: You had a question about circumcision which you answered as basically seeing no reason for it. Circumcision is a medically beneficial decision, preventing any need to worry about cleaning under the skin that a circumcision removes. A lot of problems can come from failing to clean it properly. Just thought you should know to make it realistic if it isn't highly practiced in your world.

Yes, I’ve seen this argument put forth in favour of it before. Pretty much only by Americans, though. Because over here in the civilized part of the world, we know how to wash our dicks.

As for the Aad Empire, they’re culturally sophisticated enough to wash. Besides, I’m not going to delve too much into the gritty stuff like venereal diseases. It’s still very much a high fantasy setting.

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obl1iterator asked: I am really interested by your fantasy world project Doc! Your great kinky-ness gives me hope for something really interesting! Do you (maybe) need some help? Ideas? Maybe some races suggestions? Dunno, I just feel hyped by this project :) It'll be some game or Roleplay system? Anyway, love your drawing, have fun and nice weekend! :)

I’m open to people adding their own ideas to the mix, sure. It’s one of the reasons I’m posting it. I do prefer it if it’s kept to a similar tone as it has so far. Not too much straying off into silly-land.

As for what it’s for… nothing really. Other than just creating a world for my latest OC to inhabit. I don’t really have any grand plans for it at all.

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Anonymous asked: While we're on the subject of the Aad Empire, have you considered making a map of that world?

Maybe. I don’t know. Things are kind of up in the air about the geography at this point.

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Anonymous asked: Is there such thing as circumcision in the world of the Aad Empire? I hope not. I prefer uncircumcised. ^^ I love ALL the fantasy stuff that you've been doing. Look forward to more. :)

Not as a general practice, no. Circumcision is a pretty dumb practice.

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takes the weekend off


fucking draws commissions anyway gdi

That’s a nice butt, though.

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tastytyl asked: I want to ask about your elf posts that I've seen reblogged by different people. Is all of that for like a world of your own you're working on or something? Because all of the information that is stated as fact in the post is infact VERY dependant on the world it's set in. A few examples where elf and elf sub-race differences in worlds would be Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, D&D/Forgotten Realms. I just don't understand what the posts are about lol. My only guess was that it's to a custom world.

I’d say it’s pretty clear that they are setting specific posts and not some sort of universal statements about fantasy races. You can’t really say anything is universal about any fantasy race that holds true in all fantasy settings. Other than perhaps saying that elves have pointy ears.

This is world building. I’m creating my own fantasy setting. Simple as that.

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Dark Elves are seen as a sub-race of elves. There’s not a huge difference between them and other elves, but there’s enough for other people (and themselves) to count them as a separate people. Their magical affinity tends to go more towards shadow magic and deception, but they’re also very keen on using magic as a deadly weapon. Their entire army is made up of sorcerers and spellswords.

There are Dark Elves living in many different communities and lands around the world, especially in the southern parts. Some can be found in the more northern, mainly human and elven dominated nations as well. In southern lands they also live alongside humans in some of the great desert kingdoms. The nation of Ey’xhaa was formed as a “pure” Dark Elven nation. A land where they wouldn’t have to live under the restrictions of other, lesser, races. A common trait among Dark Elves, especially from Ey’xhaa is arrogance, which is also why they fell to the Aad Empire. They simply refused to seek help from the other great elven or human nations and thought they could handle this themselves. They were wrong.

Now as part of the Aad Empire, the Dark Elves of Ey’xhaa have had to learn some humility. There’s still some of that arrogance there, but they’re less likely to flaunt it as much. Although, perhaps flaunting their bodies is a way of doing it in an inconspicuous way. Hierarchy-wise, the Dark Elves have a fairly low standing within the Empire. A large part of the lands of Ey’xhaa have been divided and given to orcish clans. A lot of Dark Elves are still kept as slaves by other people within the Empire. The Dark Elves are now hard at work to try and gain greater influence within the Empire, and to gain their lands back.

Dark Elves generally stand slightly shorter on average than humans. Their skin colours vary between really deep chocolate to lighter bronze-like hues. Hair colour is usually light. Silver or light gold being very common, but some have darker, reddish-brown hair.

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dannykat asked: I'm sorry if I missed a post, but what is this Aad Empire? It seems like a very well thought out concept, and I'm just dying to know the story behind it.

It’s just some world building that I’m showing for the setting I’m working on for my newest OC Adara Lurissa.

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What people refer to as “high elves” and “wood elves” aren’t really two seperate people. They’re all the same species/race and inhabit the same regions and have formed most of their nations together (in some cases also including humans living in the region). The difference between them is more one of different magical affinities. Those with strong arcane affinities tend to live in grand cities, where houses of learning exist and where they form strong societal ties to each other and to their allies. Those with a stronger affinity for nature and the silent harmony of the forest tend to live a solitary life, or forming smaller communities in the wilds.

There’s no way of telling whether a newborn elf will become a “high elf” or “wood elf”. This is something that develops within them during their childhood years and it is fairly common for a child growing up in the large city to feel a longing for the quiet of the forest; and for a child in the forest to feel a stronger purpose in the bustling cities. It’s not just about personality, although that is a big part of it, but it’s also how their magical abilities take form. Wood elves are able to understand the “language” of the wilds, they can communicate with animals, they can harness the strength of the trees etc. High elves have powers dealing with the arcane. Casting fireballs and all that classic magic stuff. Some of them also have a limited power of foresight by reaching out and reading the flows of arcane energy in the world.

Within the Aad Empire, elves are not seen as proper citizens. So far no elven nations have joined or been conquered by the Empire, so they’re all outsiders. The only elves that are under the rule of the Empire are slaves that have been taken after battles or raids on elven settlements.

Elves are about as tall as humans, averaging a few centimeters taller. They’re mainly fair-skinned, but there is some variety. Some have skin like porcelain, while others have a more tan or dusky complexion.

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