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Anonymous asked: I like your pink line art monara/sweater girl drawings more than your finished ones. Especially the ones where monara looks skinnier, inquisitive, and more petite. You should do more of those, even if they are just responding to questions like they often are.

So you like those. A lot of people seem to enjoy them as well. It is duly noted.

Now, I’m going to take this opportunity to make some points regarding language and how to give off good impressions to people when we send messages to them. This might come off as overly pedantic and a lot of people will probably think I’m taking semantics too seriously. If that’s how you feel, that’s fair enough, but I still feel that I want to point this out.

I am not taking the piss out of the anon above who sent me this message, rather it is merely the most recent example of something that does bother me from time to time when I see it. What I’m talking about is of course the use of the phrase “You should do more of X" or something similar.

I am well aware that most of the time this is not meant in any bad way. The person writing it is probably thinking in their head that they’re expressing their enjoyment of X and simply would love to see more of that. It might just be a matter of slightly awkward handling of the language. The problem with the phrase though, is that it implies an ought. As if it would objectively be better if the recipient of the comment were to do more of X. This is of course much more heavily implied when it’s put in the negative (e.g: “you should do less of…” or “you shouldn’t do more of…”), but even in the positive the imperative sense of the phrase remains, and can leave a sour taste in the recipient’s mouth when reading it. Especially if it’s expressing a preference for something that is less of a priority to them than other things.

I’m certainly not saying that people shouldn’t express their opinions, especially not when they want to encourage something. I am merely saying that I would really appreciate it if  people took more care in how they express their opinions, using language that clearly shows their subjective nature.

That is all. Thank you for indulging me.

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Commission for Sinn4U of his OC Ariela having a nocturnal visit. Poor girl.  This took me a long ass time to finish. Please make sure to click the pic to see a MUCH bigger, detailed version. Enjoy!



Commission for Sinn4U of his OC Ariela having a nocturnal visit. Poor girl.
This took me a long ass time to finish. Please make sure to click the pic to see a MUCH bigger, detailed version. Enjoy!


via AnimeFlux.
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Happy bunnyday and all that jazz.

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Anonymous asked: That was a pretty ignorant comment. I've lost a lot of respect for you because of it. I thought you were better than that.

Oh no. A random anonymous person on the internet lost a lot of respect for me because I made a half-joking comment about how stupid (and uncivilized) it is to make the excuse “You don’t have to worry about cleaning your dick if you’re circumcised.” How will I ever cope with this loss?

And sure, it is true that part of the comment was making a statement about the US and calling it uncivilized. And that’s probably what made some people take offense. I’m not saying all Americans are uncivilized as a whole. This was specifically about the barbaric practice of circumcision and people who defend it for such a stupid reason are uncivilized.

And to be fair, I also don’t think the US is as civilized as a lot of Americans seem to think they are. But that’s a whole other topic.

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Anonymous asked: You had a question about circumcision which you answered as basically seeing no reason for it. Circumcision is a medically beneficial decision, preventing any need to worry about cleaning under the skin that a circumcision removes. A lot of problems can come from failing to clean it properly. Just thought you should know to make it realistic if it isn't highly practiced in your world.

Yes, I’ve seen this argument put forth in favour of it before. Pretty much only by Americans, though. Because over here in the civilized part of the world, we know how to wash our dicks.

As for the Aad Empire, they’re culturally sophisticated enough to wash. Besides, I’m not going to delve too much into the gritty stuff like venereal diseases. It’s still very much a high fantasy setting.

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obl1iterator asked: I am really interested by your fantasy world project Doc! Your great kinky-ness gives me hope for something really interesting! Do you (maybe) need some help? Ideas? Maybe some races suggestions? Dunno, I just feel hyped by this project :) It'll be some game or Roleplay system? Anyway, love your drawing, have fun and nice weekend! :)

I’m open to people adding their own ideas to the mix, sure. It’s one of the reasons I’m posting it. I do prefer it if it’s kept to a similar tone as it has so far. Not too much straying off into silly-land.

As for what it’s for… nothing really. Other than just creating a world for my latest OC to inhabit. I don’t really have any grand plans for it at all.

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Anonymous asked: While we're on the subject of the Aad Empire, have you considered making a map of that world?

Maybe. I don’t know. Things are kind of up in the air about the geography at this point.

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Anonymous asked: Is there such thing as circumcision in the world of the Aad Empire? I hope not. I prefer uncircumcised. ^^ I love ALL the fantasy stuff that you've been doing. Look forward to more. :)

Not as a general practice, no. Circumcision is a pretty dumb practice.

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