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I’ll be doing a stream tomorrow, September 30th, beginning around 3pm Central.

I’ll be opening two sketch slots.  Drop me a line at if you would like to purchase one of said slots.  If I get more than two requests I will select two at my discretion and respond to those selected with a PayPal address to which payment can be made.  All prices are in USD.

You must pay before the start of the stream or I will offer the slot up to someone watching.  Prices are PER CHARACTER.  If you want two characters in a piece, purchase two slots.

You must be able to provide a visual reference for your character, or a handful of references from which I can draw.  You do not need to be present for the stream.  Delivery of an unsigned PNG will be made via e-mail once the stream has concluded.

I prefer to draw original characters, but I’ll also do fanart.  (No ponies, no furries, please.)  I will not draw NSFW material as this stream is all-ages.

Thanks kindly, folks, and I hope to see you there! :)

Bank account is looking ugly again, so I’m opening up again.  I’d been meaning to do these more consistently, but I got screwed over with a straight week of shifts at the store.

So, September 30th, 3pm Central.  Two slots are available!


via Sketchpot.
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Anonymous said: speak spanish?

There are people who speak Spanish in the world, yes.

I am not one of those people.

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xlrp said: Hello, I'm new to your Monara character and she seem very interesting. Is there a profile page or something where I can find out more about her?

Never bothered to make a profile page or anything. You can find out a bit more about her by reading the comic I made back in the day, though.

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Anonymous said: What's your favorite phallic object to draw girls being fucked with? Tentacles? Dildos? Real dicks?

I dunno. Dicks probably.

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Anonymous said: How do you feel about collaborating with someone?

I enjoy it, if there’s a good vibe between us and our art styles work together. I’ve done several collabs in the past with people like AnimeFlux, Hizzacked and Ackanime.

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kylesblogandshit said: Hiya Doc! Your work is super fantastic and always inspiring for someone like me, working full time in his cushy office job but taking night classes at an art school. Keep being awesome, and thanks for all the great artwork!

Awesome! I’m really glad that my work inspires others to do art, both professionally and just as a very fulfilling hobby! Thank you, and keep being awesome yourself.

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Huzza! If been tagged for the Hentai-Foundry Tentacle Relay. I am so hype right now, because I am so happy with the result of this one! Hope you will love it too! :)
The Orclady is cedargrove’s OC Harma which is enforcing a bit of an role reversal on those lecherous tentacles.Seena can barely wait for her turn to dive into the squishy pile of wiggly, lovemakers…Next up will be My_Pet_Tentacle_MonsterPrevious one by cedargrove

Yeah! Awesome work, man.



If been tagged for the Hentai-Foundry Tentacle Relay. I am so hype right now, because I am so happy with the result of this one! Hope you will love it too! :)

The Orclady is cedargrove’s OC Harma which is enforcing a bit of an role reversal on those lecherous tentacles.

Seena can barely wait for her turn to dive into the squishy pile of wiggly, lovemakers…

Next up will be My_Pet_Tentacle_Monster

Previous one by cedargrove

Yeah! Awesome work, man.

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Part 4

The world seemed to shimmer and distort around them as they entered the portal. As they exited the portal, it was already dark, as if several hours had passed, and the moon was glowing in the sky. At least they seemed to be out of that forest. This place felt safe enough that they could take some time to rest.
It was now that the knight noticed that the Light of life that Monara had channeled into him had not dissipated, despite his own life force now being fully roused and coursing within him. It was as if the Light had a life of its own inside him, and it was affecting him in strange ways. He felt hot. Not feverish, as if afflicted by illness, rather the opposite. Like there was too much life. He felt the power surging towards his loins. Looking to the priestess, thinking she might have an answer, he now noticed how beautiful she truly was. The exotic, pearly skin of the draenei looked so smooth, so soft. The shape of her body curved in just the right way to bring forth lusts of those beholding her.

Monara noticed the looks the knight gave her, despite him not having removed his helmet. She knew what was going on with his body. This was not the first time this had happened, her healing oft had this effect on men. She wasn’t quite sure why, but she certainly did not mind it. She could feel her own lusts stirring too, and without a word she slowly started undressing for the knight, clearly showing that she was willing to take responsibility for what she had done to him.

She started removing the knight’s armour as well, but he stopped her when she tried removing his helmet. Was he shy? Monara did not understand why he wouldn’t remove his helmet. Perhaps he had his reasons, and Monara was not one to press the issue when there were more pressing matters at hand.
She knelt in front of him, taking his engorged penis in her hands and started licking the tip gently.
Slowly using her hands to caress the shaft, she let her tongue swirl around the glans, wetting it before she wrapped her soft lips around it.
A soft moan came from within the helmet, the man clearly appreciating the draenei’s attention. This was definitely something out of the ordinary for the knight and it was not how he had expected this day to end. To have a gorgeous draenei girl bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock, eagerly taking it into her wet mouth, while her hands and the odd facial tendrils of her race stroked the parts that were not yet inside her.

Monara was not content just giving the man head. She needed to sate her own lusts as well. She gently pushed the man down on the ground as she got up and straddled him. Facing away from him, she guided the man’s penis towards her wet pussy. Bending her knees just enough so that the tip of the penis parted her labia and entered her sex. She turned her head and giggled at him over her shoulder as she teased him, slowly rolling her hips, just so that he could feel the wetness and heat radiating from her cunny but denying him entrance.
She toyed with him for a few more minutes before her own lusts overcame her. She relaxed the muscles in her legs, and in one quick downward thrust with her hips she impaled herself to the hilt of his cock.

As the night wore on, Monara and the knight kept going, more and more intensely. After having done Monara once in her pussy, the knight lifted her up and aimed his cock at her sphincter and swiftly entered her backside. Monara squealed in pleasure, feeling her ass stretching and eagerly welcoming in the large penis. Monara’s tail curled and wrapped around the shaft and balls, urging the man on.
Throughout the night, the wet slapping noises of sex could be heard echoing across the landscape.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

To see a few more photos from the studio shot and see the whole thing on one page, go here:

Cast and crew:

Photo: Alex Vandych [tumblr]
Art & photo retouch: DrGraevling

Monara: Helly Valentine [VK profile]
Knight: Leonid

Assistants: Alex Grill, Alexey Roslavtsev, Kazello, Pasha Kyrbatiev, Alina Latipova [tumblr], Klaif

Thanks to Daniel for helping out with translations and communication.

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The two hurried into the tunnel as the knight said he could hear sounds of creatures moving through the forest. Monara, already feeling jumpy from the dark powers she had just encountered, anxiously eyed the surroundings as they moved on.

Suddenly the knight pointed with his sword, and Monara, expecting the worst, leapt into the air. What the knight was pointing to, though, was a large magic symbol on the wall. A portal spell. Monara called forth the Light again and channeled it through the symbol, creating a portal leading out of the forsaken forest.

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